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Dr. Vickie's Philosophy and Treatment Methods


I launched this site to educate horse and pet owners about injury, disease prevention and (natural) treatments as well as to help them sort through various treatment therapies, trends, claims, and products they are bombarded with every day. I also hope that this web site becomes a frequently used portal of contact and information for my clients and their friends! The goal is to help every owner to learn how to look upstream and prevent disease in your animal before disease materializes.


What is my expertise?


Title-wise, I am a DVM graduate from the University of Florida college of veterinary medicine.  I am also certified in 5 element theory Chinese medicine based veterinary acupuncture from Chi University.  I am certified in equine medical manipulation (chiropractic) through the integrative veterinary medical institute (IVMI).  I am a professor for veterinarians at Chi University and have been teaching traditional Chinese veterinary medicine to my colleagues since 2005. I am an international speaker on the topic.


Experience-wise I owned three veterinary practices; An equine-only advanced reproduction practice, a holistic mixed animal veterinary clinic and presently an equine acupuncture and holistic mobile practice that specializes in sport horses. I have personally owned, shown and bred some really great horses and ponys in a variety of disciplines since I was 7 years old.  I have been teaching veterinarians acupuncture and Chinese medicine for Dr. Xie, my mentor, at the Chi Institute since 2005.

Equine endocrinology and podiatry are two of my most favorite topics of study!


Over the years of practice, my expertise and passion has become figuring out WHY an animal has a health issue, not just that it has one, and how to correct it. I'd rather prevent it from happening in the first place.

What do I do?

Who are your typical patients?


My typical patients are equine athletes.  Athletes that are being pushed to their physical and psychological limits on a regular basis.


  • dressage horses

  • jumping horses

  • eventing horses

  • endurance horses

  • pleasure horses  


Some are young rising stars, many are older and at the apex of their careers. Many are now working as schoolmasters or retired, with chronic health issues associated with old age.  Just about every horse farm has a host of other miscellaneous barn pets associated with it and I can help with them as well. Dogs, cats, pet toads....


Do you practice what you preach with your pets?


I do. And I do my best for myself and my family as well!


















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