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  • Want to set up an appointment for a vist?  

     Please e-mail us with a good phone number to reach              you with.

  • Do you have a specific question for Dr. Harvey?

     Send her an e-mail.  E-mail volume can be enormous so        don't be discouraged if she does not get back to you              directly.  Your problem if it is a common question,

     will probably be answered in a future blog post or in

     her up coming e-books!  Stay tuned!

  • Just Can't wait?

     Dr. Harvey is available for phone consultations. $45.00       per 15mins by appointment only. Title in your e-mail

     message as (Can't wait).

  • Are you a satisfied client of Dr. Harvey's who would like to share all that good Karma?  Feel free to e-mail your happy account here and we'll post it.  Thank you!

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