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"Veterinary Spinal Manipulation" Is the New "Chiropractic".

We just love to make things difficult, we humans. Why keep things simple?

Since I have recently began treating my equine patients with "Equine Spinal Manipulation" ( We're all pretty excited about it! ) there is much confusion as to why and what the difference is between the terms "Chiropractic" and the newer veterinarian term of the same process we are forced to use, “Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation”. What a mouthful!

We can not call ourselves Equine Chiropractors any more. We can not advertise that we are available to perform chiropractic adjustments on your fabulous horse. We are to be addressed as Certified veterinary medical manipulation practitioners (CVMMP) and I provide equine medical manipulation or spinal manipulation and that is that.

Here's the skinny Harry...

In MOST states, Florida being one, it is no longer LEAGAL for a veterinarian who is trained in "chiropractic" medical care to declare themselves animal Chiropractors, or to announce that they offer animal "Chiropractic" services.

It is very confusing, I agree.

The essence of the treatment and care you receive from your human family Chiropractor is the same as the trained veterinarian. We just perform the manipulations and techniques on non-human animals.

So what is all the hub-bub?

It's about clarity of titles.

Just as a Chiropractor can NOT advertise him/herself as a Veterinarian, even though they are medically treating animals, we can not identify ourselves with the title of Chiropractor. Although, I will say, that many of my clients wish I could work on them and I sometimes wonder why it is easy for human Chiropractors to get certification to work on animals while there are no such courses available that could enable Veterinarians to do the reverse; That I am aware of. Yet.

Personally, I find it silly and cumbersome. It’s like ordering a coke at the restaurant. If they have Pepsi or some other brand, you are still getting the same thing. We all know what it means and doesn’t mean. If you order a coke you get the wet fizzy cold brown stuff with caffeine and high fructose corn syrup in it drink. Ugh.

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