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My job as Wellbeing's Veterinarian 


I like to consider myself as an "Up-stream" thinking practitioner.  Although I can help with many disease conditions, my ultimate job is to spot problems before they become clinically apparent.  My purpose, along side the rest of your animals health care team, is to help your horse stay or get back to wellness.  Below are my more detailed thoughts and comments on my practice.  Enjoy!

Preventative Medicine Care​

Many equine medical experiences I have witnessed from my patients have brought to my attention that if I focused on the treatment of disease only and not search for the cause, I was in for a disappointment, if not immediately, eventually.  


Nothing made this as obvious as my early experience with my own dressage horse's struggle with laminitis and with numerous equine reproduction patients that I had. Many, if not most horses who came to me with sub fertility issues had underlying and undiagnosed medical conditions!  The repoduction "issues" were not the main issue at all but just a symptom of another greater problem. And no one was looking! 


TCVM became a very, very useful tool for me to tease out these primary problems for my patients.  

Skin issues and allergies in large and small animals are just a symptom of a larger issue.  Antibiotics and steroids are terrific tools, but I strive to re-align the immune system to do its job better than before with the ancient art of Chinese veterinary medicine. 


How can I do this for your farm?

Let's start with what we will not do first. We will NOT throw the baby out with the bathwater. Injuries and illnesses NEED to be addressed with our amazing line of conventional western medicine. Antibiotics, steroids, radiographs, bood work with skilled interpretation, joint injections and vaccines, they all have a respected place in our health cabinet.  So, alongside of your general practice veterinarian I will address the symptoms and problems with them to:


  • Shorten recovery time.

  • Keep them in training and competing.

  • Discover wether your horses progress is genuine.

  • Locate the source of the medical problem.

  • Prescribe chinese medicines that will augment his care and progress.

  • Improve quality of life.


You can call me out yourself, or have your own veterinarian consider acupuncture/TCVM, spinal manipulation (chiropractic/ostepopathy). 



Injury / Illness Treatments


I am a member of AAEP, owned, shown/bred horses since I was a kid and am an insufferable science geek so I really enjoy learning all the newest and coolest treatments for conditions such as:


  • Lameness

  • Hoof issues

  • Muculo-skeletal issues

  • Sub-fertility

  • Equine Metabolic Syndrome

  • Geriatrics/PPID

  • Skin issues

  • Immune mediated conditions

  • Performance


I am eager to collaborate with your regular attending DVM and farrier.  Keeping your animal in tip-top shape over its lifetime takes a village! We need all experienced and caring hands on deck.


If you have been knocking your head up against a wall trying to make a condition get better or go away with minimal luck, or your pharmacy bill is becoming intolerable, give TCVM a try.

Equine Athlete Medicine​

Why wait until your performance horse shows symptoms that you have over trained her?  

The veterinary gait analysis, neurologic exam, TCVM exam, motion palpation of all joints and axial / appendicular limbs of your whole horses body allows me to accurately pinpoint what joint/s and/or muscle groups are at the bottom of your horses progress or lack thereof. With the addition of neural, spinal and gait evaluations I can get a really good picture of what is keeping or about to keep your performance horse back.


Once an area of concern is identified, we can elect further medical investigation such as radiographs, ultrasound, scintigraphy, MRI from your regular general practitioner or nearest referral hospital.  Or, we may elect to treat him via TCVM methods including Chinese medicines and western medicines and spinal/skeletal manipulations that will help get the job done. Since drug tests are a real concern for my high level competitors, using Chinese medicines can help out a great deal with little to no side effects and most will not test at FEI levels. It's my job to know which ones do. 


By the way, all of my prescription Chinese herbal medicines are produced by Jing Tang Herbal in Reddick, Florida and are shipped directly from them or from my home, to you.  I trust them, their handling of product and their ingredient sources so much that I personally take these medicines for myself over other brands (unless my own TCM doctor makes it for me ).


Sport horse behavioral issues can be helped with TCVM and EVMM as well.


  • Fussy in the bridle?

  • Hates to bend one way?

  • Lame despite clean DVM tests?

  • Lead change issues?

  • Mare-ish behavior? 

  • Excessive tripping?

  • Anger management issues? 

  • Need more energy?  (You asked for it!)        

  • Faster recovery.


I'd be honored to become one of your "secret weapons" ( one of my trainer cleints own words ) in you quest for the Blue.

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