Areas Serviced
Equine Services 

Hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm.


Dr. Harvey will come to your farm by appointment. 


  • Acupuncture (dry needle, electro-acupuncture, aqua-acupuncture, hemo-acupuncture, moxabustion, cold laser).

  • Low level light laser therapy

  • Equine Veterinary Medical Manipulation (aka chiropractic).

  • TCVM general/follow-up exams.

  • Chinese Herbal perscriptions. 

  • All other equine veterinary needs must be taken care of by your regular attending horse doctor guru.







Greater Orlando, Florida area - Weekly


Wellington - Palm Beach, Florida areas* - Monthly 

Jacksonville area ~ weekly


Gainesville, Florida area* - Monthly


*Please e-mail a reservation well ahead of time for each area so I can get you on my "to-visit" list for that month. If you can haul in to an area that I visit, I may be able to have you bring your horse to a farm that I am working at.  E-mail for details.





Small animal -


Mammals, Birds, Reptiles. Must be associated with a farm visit. No house calls.( I have terrific referrals if you need one! ) Holistic and complete physical exams. 


Dr. Harvey is available for speaking arrangements and article contributions. 





Initial exam -                                                                $60.00

>15 days passed stall-side exam with no treatments -     $60.00  


<15 days recheck exam with no treatments -                  $35.00


Complete evaluation and treatment

Equine TCVM evaluation, gait analysis, acupuncture scan, cranial nerve exam, motion palpation of all joints, axial and appendicular. Acupuncture & spinal/skeletal manipulation/adjustment:


Exam with aqua-acupuncture or laser treatment only -     $80.00

Exam with Acupuncture - $160.00

or Spinal Manipulation Only -     $150.00


Trip fees

Trip fees are calculated by doctors time spent in transit and costs incurred (hotel, airfare, meals...).


I accept cash, checks and all credit cards processed at site or securely on this website just click "pay my bill" or "buy now".



Other Services

 Cost of Standard Services

Wellbeings Equine Holistic Medicine LLC

Eustis, Florida USA


Wellbeings Equine Holistic Medicine is owned and operated by Vasiliki Harvey DVM, CVA, CVMMP. Wellbeings is a mobile equine veterinary acupuncture and spinal manipulation practice and is operated as an "by appointment or referral only" equine veterinary service.